6 P.P.E

With 6 rubber-coated suction cups dia. 300mm, no. 2 of which are fixed and central and no. 4 are external, extendable and detachable. 0° to 90° rotation. Suction cup upstroke and downstroke: 500mm. Rotation and up-and-down movement are air-operated and driven by the two grip handles.

Automatic loading and unloading. Fault warning optical alarm. Capacity 180kg max. with the two central suction cups only. Capacity 300kg max. with all the six suction units.

Overall dimensions on glass: 300×700 (2 suction cups), 1000x850mm (6 suction cups/closed arms), 1400x850mm (6 suction cups/open arms). Feeding by compressed air,