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Lammiflex is a machine for laminating flat glass with PVB and EVA

The oven consists of a heating chamber where the housing is provided for five independent planes on which to lay the glass, also of varying thickness, as well as the curved glass.

The glass loading and unloading system works by extracting individual planes using a hydraulic platform. As an option, a storage structure is also provided on which to place five additional floors to optimize the loading and unloading of the glass and increase productivity.

An integral part of the system is a double oil vacuum pump, connected to silicone bags at each individual plane, by means of high temperature resistant silicone tubing and related attachments to create the vacuum required for the lamination of glass, as well as the
vacuum inside the oven. Inside the heating chamber, the thermal cycle occurs through a hot air convection system which distributes the heat evenly throughout the chamber

Available in sizes from 1500×2500 to 2400×4500 mm.

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