Furnace ATS

ATS 4.0 is the series of professional furnaces that contains all Mappi International technology; their use guarantees great production and quality results through innovative solutions that meet the most demanding market demands.

ATS 4.0 has dimensions from 1500 × 3800 mm to 3300 × 6000 mm, and is also available in customizable sizes. The ATS 4.0 series tempers glass with the highest optical and flatness standards, thanks to cutting-edge technologies that manage the tempering processes. ATS 4.0 increases productivity in a virtually continuous cycle with no downtime for regulating operating temperatures and most of the operating parameters.

Now, thanks to a solid collaboration with Siemens, Mappi machines are, first in the entire glass industry, recognized as “Powered by Siemens”. This means that they are ready to implement all MindSphere applications, ready to enter the world of industry 4.0. ready to change the way of working in the glass industry, with full integration between the furnace and all production processes, from planning to quality reports. It’s a significant new leap into the future.

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