RBB Brazzi Imola

RBB Imola 

RBB, a renowned specialist in the production of machines and equipment for the glass industry, is proud to present a comprehensive range of sheet glass lifting, working and storage devices.

In recent years the glass industry has been going through something of a boom. Sheet glass has become a key material in modern architecture, and manufacturers and suppliers need to handle ever-larger quantities of varying shape and size. RBB has focussed its efforts on providing a response to that need by offering a series of glass sheet lifting machines designed to cover the customer’s every need.

From the simplest units for small-scale production to the largest, most complex industrial equipment, the entire product range has been produced using technology that ensures efficiency, practicality and safety.

In addition to lifting devices, RBB designs and manufactures the tools with which to machine the glass. Drills, shape cutters and sawing machines for bullet-proof glass are also manufactured, thus providing customers with a comprehensive range of products.