Combi 14

Straight-line edging/bevelling machines for the simultaneous processing of flat edge and bevel polished with liquid cerium oxide in one single passage.

Indicated for those glass-works that realize crystal tables and have big productions, this model allows the realizing of flat edge and bevel with only one machine and so it avoids numerous handlings of the crystal tables reducing this way the risks. It also helps halving the production time because the processing of the edge and the bevel are carried out in a single passage.

The first section of the machine, devoted to the grinding, is composed by 2 diamond wheel, 2 wheels for the arris, 1 resin wheel, 2 polishing wheels. This wheels configuration offers a high polishing level on the flat edge till 19 mm. Moreover the machine is equipped with an adjustable inlet conveyor with which it is possible to adjust the glass removal up to 5 mm. So it is able to remove all the flaws due to the sheets’ cut.

The second section, devoted to the bevelling, is composed by 2 diamond wheels, 2 resin wheels, 1 wheel for the arris and 2 felts in order to obtain an excellent quality bevel till a 45 mm width and with an inclination from 3 up to 45°.

Technical Info

Wheel Configuration and Technical Info