Regulation and digital visualization of the profile measurements from 130 to 2800 mm. Powder spray painted aluminum and steel structure for higher resistance to corrosion. Independent adjustment of piece lock pressure and blade movement. Thermic protection of the motor and of the low voltage control circuit. All cutting operations can be executed without leaving the control area because the size setting is achieved by a EASY TOUCH SYSTEM, control panel that allows the operator to control the working process .

Possibility to have simultaneous cutting of more than one profile (5 pieces of 6 mm). Emergency push button to stop all moving parts of the machine. The stop system of the profile which is going to be cut operates before the blade moves so as to totally cover the exposed sharp cutting part of the blade besides locking the piece to be cut. Electronic control to verify the profile presence and to assure the moving speed to be up to 60 mt/min.Control system with safety pedals. All control circuits which are in contact with the operator are in security low voltage. Protections against access to the dangerous parts of the machine according to the E.U.Norms. Electronic security on moving parts. Electronic compensation in case of mechanical wear and tear. Measurement precision of ± 1 mm.