DELTA M4-layout


Automatic corners grinding machine for the processing of radium and straight corners perfectly polished in a single passage with flat edge with arris, pencil edge and other profiles (according to the wheels that are fitted on). Pneumatic movement of wheel-holder groups.

A peculiar advantage of this machine is the possibility to carry out the processing with continuous cycle having the chance to time the end stroke break from 0 to 30”. Moreover it is possible to process some kind of corners directly without the cutting. The DELTA M4 model fits 4 spindles: 2 for diamond wheels and 2 for polishing wheels. On demand it is possible to fit 3 spindles for diamond wheels and 1 spindle for polishing wheel. Time per cycle: from a minimum of 25” for thicknesses of 4/5/6 mm up to 2’ for larger thicknesses.


Technical Info

Wheel Configuration and Technical Info