E-D 101 Vertical Machining Centre

E-D 101 is a vertical machining centre that combines multiple types of processing in one system, which is capable of carrying out processing operations with a high level of speed and precision. The machine permits any type of processing on flat sheet glass and combines all drilling and milling technology with the characteristics of a vertical grinding machine.

The machine can perform multiple machining processes:

  • GRINDING: this is done using diamond wheels with a diameter of 150mm and can be carried out on both straight and shaped glass, including laminated and treated glass.
  • POLISHING: this can be performed both on large surfaces with 150mm diameter wheels and in small inserts with 50 or 30mm diameter wheels
  • DRILLING: thanks to the opposing heads, this is done at maximum speed and always ensures excellent quality and precision.
  • COUNTERSINKING: this can be done either with individual diamond tools and adjusted through the program in accordance with customers’ needs, or with accessories fitted on diamond drill bits.
  • MILLING: thanks to the extreme sturdiness and precision of the system, milling is a quick and simple operation to perform, and with the multiple tools a milled and ground insert can be obtained in a few seconds.


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Key Benefits

  • Sheets manoeuvred by vacuum belts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No limit to machining processes​
  • Drilling with opposing heads
  • Grinding with two 10 kW electro-spindles
  • Maximum precision and zero downtime
  • Vibration-free and long service life